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About Brian Cataquet

  • At Brian Cataquet's Baseball we are the link to selling your entire sports cards & memorabilia collections through our vast contacts in the sports world.

  • We can sell your entire sports collection for a low consignment %- Give us a call so we can work together to set up that quote. 

  • We have 30 Years of expertise.  We will do all the work placing your cards/memorabilia up for Auction-We take a low consignment percentage ONLY when item(s) sell.  Just send me an e-mail or call to discuss. Click Here to Contact Us.


Brian Cataquet is widely recognized around the country as one of the leading authorities in the VERY POPULAR $3 billion dollar a year sports cards & memorabilia industry.

Brian is a National Sports Card/Sports Memorabilia Buyer/Seller/Auctioneer and has been on the Acknowledgements list in the Price Guide of Baseball Cards Standard Catalog book by F+W Publications since 1994.  He is also on the Acknowledgements list & Price panel in the Almanac of Baseball Cards by Beckett Media Publications and on the Beckett Baseball Cards Price Guide Big Book.

Mr. Cataquet has appeared and has been featured many times as an expert in the sports card & memorabilia business on TV, Radio (having his own radio program on NBC affiliate) and Newspapers-National Magazines.

Due to Brian's industry recognition, along with the unique material he offers in his auctions-these two reasons have enabled BCB to sell many of their auction items internationally as well, building clients that are collectors in Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Spain, United Kingdom, Venezuela.

Brian Cataquet Baseball has had a long time presence in our hobby for 30 years.  We have always been considered a "NICHE" Sportscard/Memorabilia Firm that targets a specific audience of collectors who enjoy buying the "Odd Ball" stuff.  Our goal is to offer vintage "odd ball" items at lower prices than our competitors.  On a daily basis, BCB Auctions recieves numerous calls, hundreds of emails & letters weekly from sports collectors around the country wanting to know the true value of their collection.  Many Antique Dealers-Entrepreneurs, Business Investors, casual sports fans that are collectors around the N.Y. & Metropolitan area rely on Brian Cataquet's expertise advice when they obtain a sports artifact.

"I feel It has always been my duty to keep coming up with the most unique sports Items that are out there at affordable prices to please collectors and I will try my best to keep doing that now and for years to come through my Internet auctions. Best of luck with your Sports Cards-Memorabilia collections and we thank all of you graciously for your continued support." -- Brian Cataquet



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