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Terms of Use

Auction Rules

  1. Auction bidding begins on Mon. Jan. 12 ,2015 and ends on Thurs. Jan. 22th, 2015.
  2. All bidders must register at to obtain a bidder number and password in order to place bids in the auction.
  3. If you have not placed a bid on a lot before 9:00pm on Jan. 22, 2015 you will not be permitted to bid on a lot after 9:00 pm EST on 01/22.
  4. The computer software is advanced and will determine when bidding has stopped and the auction is over. We will close the entire auction when we go for 10 minutes without any bids after 9:00 p.m. EST on 01/22. After 12:00 a.m. EST. on 01/22, we may close the auction at any time.
  5. Bidding will be in increments of 10% above the current bid.
  6. There will be an 11% buyers premium added to all winning bids (for example. If you are the high winning bidder at $100.00, your total will be $111.00 not including postage charges). BCB has one of the Lowest Buyer's Premium charge in the Sports Auction Business. 
  7. All items in this auction are guaranteed to be 100% authentic. We have 30 years of experience in the Sports card/Memorabilia industry and we do not sell items that are not authentic. When stated "sold as is" or "possible" in a description we will not guarantee it's authenticity.
  8. If you are not satisfied with your item, it must be returned to us within 72 hours of receipt. All returns will be credited towards any future auction. There will be NO returns on graded cards. All graded card sales are final. There will be NO returns on MLB Authenticated Items. All MLB Authenticated item sales are final.  There will be NO returns on items with COA/LOA. COA/LOA item sales are final.  There will be NO returns on a third party grading companies opinion or when mentioned in description "sold as is".  As we all know grading is subjective.  We have as much and most likely more years of experience handling & grading cards/memorabilia than a third party opinion.  
  9. Postage handling and insurance will be added to all winning bids.
  10. Notification to all winners will be mailed to them 48 hours after the auction ends.
  11. Payment is due within 10 days of the date of the invoice. We take personal checks and money orders.  We will not accept PayPal.  Personal checks will have to wait until it clears before items are sent. Please keep in mind when you place a bid and you are the winner of the lot, you are responsible to pay for your winnings. **Any bidder who does not pay will result in revocation of bidding privileges for our future auctions-Their names will be given to other major auction houses as a protection to our hobby from RENEGGERS
  12. All items in the auction have a low M.B. and are meant to be sold.
  13. If there is an Est. value price mentioned in the title or description, it means a general book value of the items being sold in the lot.
  14. Current high bids will be posted on
  15. At BCB Auctions customer service to our bidders is our main priority. You the Bidders are the most important factor to any auction and we realize that. We will write informative descriptions for each lot and we will answer all of your questions pertaining to the items up for auction in a friendly and professional manner. We do encourage each bidder to view the pictures and descriptions very carefully. If you have any questions regarding a lot in the Auction or need further detail, please E-mail or Call us the days BEFORE Auction Night.  We will be extremely happy to answer all of your questions
  16. A few words about Shill Bidding: We are against Shill Bidding and believe that this is a horrible form of bidding. Any Auction House that Shill Bids should be held accountable for their illegal actions and should be banned from running Auctions. We are strongly against this form of bidding, so you do not have to worry about that here at BCB Auctions (see Rule #12).
Best of Luck and Thank You for your Support!
- Brian Cataquet


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